Friday, March 13, 2009

Update to 1.1 and video coming soon

Ok, I´ve completed the modifications. This is the list of changes:
  • Changed the main menu. I´ve erased the three rotating balls and added two cubes, one for the Play menu and another for the Shop menu. Both cubes rotates through an invisible point each one opposed to the other. Don´t worry, the cube text is always visible to the player. I´m still thinking about let the cubes rotate as described or let them stay there.
  • The first time you play, you´re forced to play the tutorial. It´s about a minute and it shows you how to move in the cave, select and match objects and use the accelerometer.
  • Killed those ugly worms. Cubes, spheres and cones are the new pieces. At least it´s brighter now.
Video is in process and it will be ready today or tomorrow. I´ll look for errors and send it to Apple in the following hours.

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