Friday, February 27, 2009

The BAD news

Yesterday, I was looking for posts about The Cave and found this.

That made me feel quite upset at the begining. "but... In 20 seconds you don't even have time to play!" I thought. A lot of ideas came to my mind, "I have to leave this", "it's a failure", ... You know. But after a while I realized I could use this information and fix my failures.

This is what I've learned.

- I knew design was important but not as many as quitting you from giving a try to something for it.

- The Cave is not good enough to charge for it so I probably will keep it free and learn as many as I can for the next game.

- People do not get how to play the game after 5 seconds so they erase it and think it's shit. The way to solve it is to teach the user how to play the first time he opens The Cave. I'm deleting the tutorial option from start menu. Awh! How many times I played a game and though why should I have to play the tutorial before starting the game! I really know why now.

- Main menu is crap. I should change that awfull rotating balls and delete the tutorial from there.

- The worms do not look like worms so please, do not call it worms. I think they should look more like rocks so I'll change it.

- And finally but this is the most important. It's design, stupid! Today starts another project and I'm not taking this boat alone...

I think I can change this in a week and have it uploaded soon. I'll keep you posted.

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