Friday, February 27, 2009

The Cave Tutorial

Let´s start with Camera Movement. After you enter The Cave, move your finger across the screen, either up to down or right to left. You´ll see how you orbit around the central wormhole. That will allow you to see and follow all worms inside the cave. Let´s see how to match objects. Wait for a worm to appear in the central wormhole. Now tap it and see how the worm changes to a brighter color, imagine it´s a blue worm. This worm is now selected. Look for another blue worm and tap it, the first selected worm is now attracted by the second one. We can say now they are matched but matching two will not give you points. Select one of that matched worms and match it with another blue worm and see how the three worms disappear and how you get 3 points. Easy, huh? Where is the difficulty in this? As you get points, level is increased, maximum worms in scene limit is decremented (yeah, you start with a 30 worms limit) and worms appear faster. There´s a pause button on the top right corner of the screen and next to it there´s a black ball with a number. That´s the Joker icon. When it´s greater than 0, you can tap on the black ball icon and a Joker asteroid will appear in the central wormhole. You can match it with any worm regardless its color. You can increase the frequency the black rocks are generated in the shop using your points. Accelerometer. Yeah, you can shake your iPhone front to back with a worm selected and two worms will be attracted by the central wormhole for a couple of seconds. But beware, those worms are not matched, you have to do it if you want.
Now, enjoy!

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  1. Wonderful tutorial. I just first time knowing about this game so i would like to know about worms will attack to others.

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