Thursday, February 26, 2009

First day statistics

I´m glad to see that The Cave had a total of 462 downloads from the App Store in the first day online. That´s quite good for me!. This is the table containing downloads per country
Units Country Code
1 CH
1 CZ
1 NO
1 CO
1 RO
1 PT
1 ID
1 PL
1 DK
2 TH
2 AT
2 AU
2 BE
2 SK
2 AR
2 PH
2 SE
3 HK
3 VN
3 MY
3 IN
4 SG
4 VE
4 GR
5 TW
6 JP
6 MX
7 ES
9 NL
12 FR
15 DE
17 RU
17 IT
22 GB
35 CA
262 US
Total: 462
As you can see, most downloads come from the USA. I´ve been sending yesterday´s press release to lots of iPhone apps review sites so perhaps downloads comes from reviewers. At this moment there number of reviews in the App Store is 0. Come on, it´s just a second to set stars or write a little opinion. I don´t want to write it, I´m a stakeholder. Perhaps the worst data that I can extract from this is the low proportion of chinese people that downloaded my app, just a mere 1/1,321,000,000 (using estimated data from wikipedia)

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