Friday, February 20, 2009

It´s done. I´ve sent The Cave to Apple for revision. The last thing I´ve added is a blinking “powered by SIO2 interactive” image changing the first “loading”. I´ve removed the % of loading because after reaching 100% I am still preparing the scene and that was not very accurate. The application submission process may be quite long, it can last from a couple of days to some months and they can reject your app for some reasons as you may probably know. I think the only reason they can reject The Cave is due to some code leak I´ve not taken in consideration. I thought about adding some farting in the middle of the game to have a little more followers but at last I decided it would be a little disgusting ;) And as a side note, probably today or tomorrow I´ll record a device ingame video and upload here. The last time I tried I won a screen reparation bill and some days of angry wait. This time I´ll be more careful

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