Thursday, February 5, 2009

Tutorial video

After a little illness I´m back again (almost) and I´ve redesigned background images for both main menu and gameplay. This is where I see the importance of a good graphics designer in a team involved in the development of a game. I think I´ve spend at least half of my time in graphic related stuff. This is the bad part of beeing an indie developer, you cook it, you eat it. Looking at the good thing, I´ve learned a lot from Gimp and Blender so I´ll be prepared for the next game. Despite of my new knowledge, I´ve decided for the next game I will share work with a graphic designer. Well, here´s the tutorial video included in game where you can learn how to play. After this I think it´s ready so I´ll give it a day of playing and send it to apple.

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  1. Where is the code of this application,i need it.
    plz send it on