Friday, February 27, 2009

I have good news and bad news...

I´m going to Start with good (at least for me) news. I´ve just seen that The Cave is currently #56 in Games->Puzlle->Free. I know this is not as good as being #1 in games; in fact, The Cave is not in top 100 but I´m proud to appear in one list. And now the bad news. I´ve had the first user review. It´s something like “I don't get this don't waste ur time it's lame” in the USA App Store. I know perhaps The Cave is not as easier to get as some other games and my first idea was to include a video tutorial showing how to play the game but I wanted the download to be less than 10 MB so you can get it using your 3G connection. I finally included 4 screenshots and text describing how to play in the tutorial section. I though that forcing users to get The Cave through WiFi may reduce significantly the users downloading it. I´ll include in the next update either a good tutorial video, a link to youtube or a real tutorial. Anyway, the next post is a little tutorial of how to play The Cave. PS: 277 downloads yesterday, not bad!.

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