Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A few more changes and submission process started

I know I haven´t updated this for days but I´ve been very busy fixing some bugs and adding some new functionalities. The main update is the use of accelerometer. When you have a worm selected and shake the iphone, another worm with the same color will be attracted by the first one giving you a little help. I´ve changed fonts because the old one was not readable and I´ve added a grey line to make it more visible against the background in gameplay. Although I don´t think there would be a reason to pause The Cave ;) I´ve added a pause button and a way to return back to the main menu. The process to upload it to the App Store has started and I expect it to be online in a few weeks. It will be free for the first days and then I´ll charge $0.99 for it. I hope everybody could enjoy it!

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