Monday, February 2, 2009

First link!

Looking at the blog statistics I´ve seen what I think is the first reference from another blog, It´s a blog in french about iphone. The most important thing about this is not only the first reference but I haven´t sent them a link. It looks like the have found this blog looking videos in where I uploaded the two videos I have recorded. This are good news for me because I´m having less than 20 visits per day (0 visits from search engines, isn´t it amazing?). For the next time I would like to be noticed about this kind of posts and paste a link to the source. My knowledge of french is quite low but as I can understand the talk about this as a development blog about an iPhone game. That´s not totally true, I tried to put my thoughs an problems in the last part of the development of the game but I never tried to write code or development tricks, perhaps I´ll do it for my next game. Anyway, I repeat, thank you for the post. Here´s a link to the french post:

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